Friday, August 22, 2014

Let the Hunt Begin

Undisclosed Location US Navy Special Warfare August 22, 2014/1515 Zulu

Hello?  Hello?  Did it work?  

Ha!  I’m in!  That little fucker ain’t the only one who can hack a password!  Guess who?  That’s right, it’s Master Chief. 

Capital “M”, capital “C” -- I don’t give a fuck what your English teacher taught you.  In this man’s Navy, I AM MASTER CHIEF – period.

That fuckstick lieutenant has been sleeping on the job and letting Bella run wild to wreak all kinds of destruction.  She’s punching all kinds of holes in national security.   Do you know what she’s been up to?  Neither do we, and that should scare the crap out of anyone who loves this country and wants to keep it terrorist-free.  So while the LT is out fucking around playing Eagle Scout somewhere down in Arizona with some of the other tadpoles, I’ve been charged with putting a stop to Bella. 

And I will stop her.

How? You may ask?  Well let me enlighten you … I am the biggest, baddest motherfucker there is.  The sandbox I play in is for big boys.  Bella had better be prepared, ‘cuz I will kick this up a notch like no-one has ever seen.  Tell her if you see her:  Master Chief is coming for her in the night – and not in a good way.  Fair warning. 

Aw, now don’t get me wrong or anything -- I don’t mean to hurt her, physically anyway.  Even though she did write an unauthorized biography about me. 

Speaking of …

If you are going to spill national secrets and write about MY escapades, at least get it CORRECT.  She didn’t tell you half of the good shit!  She didn’t tell you all about that bachelor party in St. Thomas (Rock and I do own a bar in the US Virgin Islands after that trip), or the time we all went out for a little night cap in Istanbul.  And, for CHRISSAKE get my description right!  I’m a good-looking bastard with lots of charisma – a real charmer. 

All I hear about is Rock and Badass, Rock and Dan, Rock and Doc, Rock, Doc, Rock!!!!! **Swoons** Oh those green eyes … Oh he’s a Dom … Ah, bullshit! Take a look into these baby blues, sugar.  I guarantee you will never go green again!  I taught that green-eyed streak-on-shorts everything he knows.  And Doc?  That freaky fucker! I wouldn’t trust him alone with my nekkid body, no telling what that sadistic bastard would do.  Let me die from lead poisoning, please. I can’t take credit for that one; he came to us like that.  (I did teach him how to shoot.  He didn’t know a gun from his ass when I met him, damn city boy.) 

Now me and Dixie!  That’s a pair!  The stories I could tell about the Admiral.  But unlike Bella, my lips are sealed.  Loose Lips Sink Ships.  I sincerely hope she’s not planning a book about Dixie.  This could turn ugly if she did.  The admiral doesn’t have a sense of humor like me.  Why?  Because he’s an admiral.  If she plans on telling Dixie’s story, prepare to file a missing person’s report.  She needs to put those lips of hers to better use instead of blabbing about national secrets and private lives.  Half the command staff has PPB (Post Pain Bella) although I still believe she exaggerated some of those facts. 

Last I heard she’s disappeared.  If she knows what’s good for her, she’ll stay quiet.  But if you see her, let her know she’s on MY radar and I’m scanning.  From what I understand, she’s terrorizing and spreading falsehoods about another group.  She needs to watch it – those guys play with cement.  Give her this warning, from Master Chief, with love, and let her know I had a tear in my eye: RED HORSE has cement mixers and if you go missing we will not be able to use a cadaver dog on a freshly poured runway in a war zone – we can’t risk losing the dog.

So here it is ladies, Master Chief, is back in town and searching high and low for Bella. 

Let the hunt begin …

– Master Chief Out!

You can read Master Chief’s story at

Master Chief James “JJ” Jones is at the end of a thirty-two-year Navy SEAL Career. At a chance meeting in San Diego, he meets recently widowed and retired teacher Irene Ortiz. JJ and Irene feel an undeniable attraction that pulls them together for one night. He draws passion from the lonely Irene, the likes of which she has never known.

When JJ becomes the target of a traitor, his life and his budding love for Irene are put in jeopardy. He leaves his beloved SEALs to track down the people responsible for planning his demise when he discovers a plot that could bring the United States military to its knees. JJ is recalled to Special Warfare Group Five and sets out on a worldwide chase.

Irene decides to follow her heart, and at JJ’s side, she helps him to stop fervent terrorists from unleashing a deadly pathogen. Will JJ and Irene be able to keep the terrorists from unleashing a nightmare?


  1. JJ,
    Does Irene know what you've been up to? I'm sure Bella would love to share more of your secrets with your Sugar.

  2. Bella is NOT scared of YOU, Master Chief....she eats tough old boys like you for dinner....after you are well-marinated, of course. No one likes! **ducks behind bunker to avoid being shot at by Master Chief**

  3. And what exactly was Rock doing while you were writing this Master Chief? Inquiring minds want to know....