Friday, November 2, 2012

Bella's on the Watch List

Undisclosed Location US Navy Special Warfare November 1, 2012/1456 Zulu

 "I've got a problem Dan."   The Captain said to me early one morning.  
 "What's up boss?"  I asked.
"We've been notified by the NSA about a potential threat in our area.  It seems like there's been a lot of computer traffic using target keywords that are being tracked.  Our new group has been found out and tango seems to have figured out our mission here.  It could be a serious threat." 
Tango meant target in our world and if the captain worried, it was a problem. He actually looked worried. 
"I'll get on it."  I said taking the papers my boss handed me. 
I found my desktop computer and started perusing the NSA database.  There had been a lot of traffic for a long time, at least a year.  I dug a little deeper getting a location on the IP address.  Tango sure as hell wasn't trying to hide their tracks. Hummm...  About five hours later, the captain came looking for me. 
"What'd you find out?  Anything?"   
"Well, I found out tango is an IT pro.  But for an IT pro, tango is either stupid or dumb like a fox.  I'm trying to figure out if it's a trap.  I can see why the NSA is worried, tango's been pinging every threat word in the book and she's not hiding what she's doing."
"She?" The captain questioned.
"Yes Captain, she."
"Keep digging, I'm interested,"  he said as he left.
 After another three hours, I had something for my captain.  I found out tango's life story.  Tango wasn't very far from our location and tango was indeed a threat.  She was spilling all our secrets, serious secrets!  Seems like she’d managed to find out how we had come into existence.  It was as if she had eyes in the sky and figured out who we were and had targeted every single one of us.  I was a little nervous and wondered what she had on me.  It seemed as if she’d known us before we had even known we would all come together to form this group.  I ran an internet search program to see what else she had out there.  I found it, Bella Juarez, author.
Bella Juarez author?  Let's find out what you're writing about Bella Juarez, author.  Siren BookStrand... Rapid Dominance... Let me click here.  What do we have here?  Excerpt... WHAT THE F—?
"Hey! Captain said you had a live one.  What'd you find out?"  Master Chief said as he came around to stand behind me.  "What the hell are you reading!"
What the hell was going to say? I was doing my job. The captain and a couple of the other guys heard the hell Master Chief was raising and rushed into my office to find out what was going on. We were all guys here so this was getting a little awkward for me.

"It's not what you think!  This is what I'm looking for..."  I stammered. 
"Aint we all?  Holy shit!  You ain't on a fucking remote!  You mean to tell me this is tango?  Yeah, right!"  Master Chief said looking at me like he had just caught me with my dick in my hand. 
 “What the hell is going on in here?  I can hear you all the way down to the command suite!”  Captain demanded.
"This is tango!  Bella Juarez.  I just found her book.  I swear Master Chief."  I protested in defense
"Uh-huh."  Master Chief grunted.
Captain came around and looked at the screen.  His jaw dropped, he looked at me and Master Chief.  One of the other guys started to move to see what it was that had caught all the attention. 
“Stay right there!”  Captain ordered. 
We stared at each other for minute.  It wasn't easy to shock us because we were all Navy but Ms. Bella Juarez had managed one hell of a shock and awe.  Master Chief looked back at the screen. 
"Well what the hell you waiting for?  Click buy!  It's only six bucks.  If you're going to investigate tango, you better get the facts," he said digging out his wallet.  "When you’re done looking into this I need to investigate it too."  Master Chief said handing me his credit card.  
 "The hell you say!  Give me that information when you’re done.  I’ll disseminate it as needed, after I’ve evaluated it.”  Captain said. 
“What the hell you waiting for boy?”  Master Chief demanded. 
"It says here I need to have an account, I don’t have an account.  Should I open one?  What name should I use?"  I asked. 
“Get the hell out of the way.  I have an account.”  Master Chief said shoving me out of the way.
“What!”  Captain exclaimed. 
“Don’t any of you cocksuckers say a single word.  Not one motherfucking word.”  Master Chief ordered. 
Everyone went silent.  Even the Captain didn’t dare say anything.  Master Chief was a terror and nobody fucked with him.  I moved, hell I wasn’t about to question it, even though technically I out ranked him.  I was not about to screw with the Master Chief. He bought the book and downloaded it.  He was right we had to get the facts.  It looked like we were going to have to follow this one, closely. 
The rest will be in my report.... My book report for Rapid Dominance by Bella Juarez. 



  1. Great post. Gave me a very good chuckle.

  2. It was great! brought a smile to my face!

  3. Well I just bought the first book and i will be reading it this weekend :) Sounds Awesome!!!!

  4. Very clever, Bella! ;) Keep it coming, honey.

  5. I loved reading Bella's interview with Rebecca Joyce. It was very entertaining. ;) I love Bella's sense of humor. She can always bring a smile to my face. :)